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Bands & Artists

Andrea & Aerin: are known for gorgeous vocal harmonies and stellar songwriting. Their shows include tenor guitar, six-string guitar, computer samples, and piano. The two share a passion for socio-political issues from environmental activism to gay rights. Their desire to connect and inspire shines through their music.

Ajay: for the past 15 years, aJay (Jason Bawden) originally from Griffith NSW, now a Sydney based professional musician has been steadily attracting a growing audience of all ages, with his unique talents in singing, playing guitar and song writing. In recent times he has been joined by drummer Robert Smithform aJay.

Band Weblogs: a directory of band and music blogs with guest music bloggers, submit band press, podcasts, music videos, music, band links, news headlines and more

Cindy Alexander: an absolute delight to watch; her vibe is amicable, marketable and user friendly -- and of greatest importance, her songs are stronger than Popeye on genetically altered spinach

A Little Space: tuneful, intelligent songs with heart, uniquely building on sounds from artists such as Steely Dan, Al Jarreau and Sting. Based in Los Angeles, the group's music is exclusively composed by TAXI member Alan Gruskoff, a prize winner in the jazz category of the 2001 John Lennon songwriting contest for the latin / jazz instrumental "Yes I Would"

Maggie Austin: an exciting artist whose vocals have won critical acclaim from artist contemporaries to music industry executives. Her blend of traditional country themes and contemporary country delivery have made her an innovative and ground breaking artist

Death and Taxes: currently in rotation on over 15 Internet radio stations. In their first two weeks have charted at # 1 with their song "Trust” and have entered the Radiowave Rock Top 40 charts at # 8

Drum Tracks: by Jim McCarty - Master-quality, custom recorded drum tracks for all styles.

Bob Evans Music: original Blues Rock and Pop music by singer songwriter and guitarist Bob Evans, buy CDs online

Fable: the group includes John Crafton (The Elder), Keith Bachman, Lisa Blayney, Samuel Salsbury, and Tom Schurr. This gathering of souls once again brings the music to new life in the Midwest and after several months of production at Soft Wind Studios, released their new CD 'Storybook'

Free Band Promotion: Online association of independent musicians. Music specific education for web promotion and marketing of your band or solo music site. Discounts at online retailers available for members

Heinrich Maneuver Band & Productions: John Heinrich's Home Page. Steel Guitar, Saxophone, Dobro, and Flute will be spoken at this web site

Crystal Hutchens: homepage of singer songwriter Crystal Hutchens.

Indie Music Bands: Your resource for songwriting information, articles, news, tips and more

Spike Ivory: site of rock-and-roll musician and songwriter Spike Ivory

Kudzu Kings: a highly energetic and entertaining musical outfit from Oxford, MS. Their sound is a unique blend of country, bluegrass and improvisational rock that appeals to young, old and in-between

Mike Lasala: merges gritty vocals, introspective lyrics, and groove-laden acoustic guitar to create his signature brand of acoustic rock. Citing Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Stone Temple Pilots among his many influences.

Jon Michaels: an up-and-coming Nashville singer/songwriter that rips out a well-honed set of contemporary country and romantic pop tunes

Franklin Moore: the music of Franklin Moore is a blend of rock, jazz, classical, blues, country, folk and world music played on a steel-string guitar. Moore, who hails from Lewisville, NC, draws influences from acoustic guitarists such as Leo Kottke and Preston Reed and electric guitarists such as Steve Morse and Yngwie Malmsteen.

One Man Brand: One Man Brand - a musical phenomenon

David Penna: New York-based electronica / progressive / fusion music composer / drummer / producer / programmer. David has played with Ronnie Spector, Dave Revels (The Coasters), Felix Cavaliere (The Rascals), Planet Hate and Ron Jarzombek, released several electronica cds under the artist name "SYS-X" and is a member of instrumental progressive outfit Joe Nardulli Band

RainTracks: site of German based musician Kurt Patrick Geier.

Shake Russell:website about the music of Texas singer-songwriter Shake Russell.