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Record Labels

All That Productions, Inc: a Nashville based Entertainment company that offers a Record Label and Publishing Company, in addition to Music Production and Artist Development. If you're serious about a career in the Music Industry, this is the place to start

Angelic Music: a specialist female singer/songwriter recording and publishing company and online community. They are also launching the first competition exclusively for female singer/songwriters

Blue Agate Music: focuses on environmental and wild place inspired music; and features the band Greenfire, whose first release has recieved a rave review in Hipfish's Sept. '01 issue

Blusprings Music Group: offering artist development, artist management, and publishing

Boat Rocker Records: dedicated to production, promotion and distribution of independent music for artists dedicated to creating good, clean music. Non-exclusive, fair and honorable contracts with the welfare of the artist a top priority

Cosmic Mule Music Group: Cosmic Mule Music Group is an independently owned music publishing company located in Nashville, Tennessee. Cosmic Mule Music experienced immediate success with it's first cut being Lonestar's #1 smash hit, "My Front Porch Lookin' in".

DisciplineGlobalMobile.com: a small, mobile and independent music company with a global view serving music areas outside of the mainstream

D-Tize Records: anyone who has had any real contact with a major record label realizes that their true and only goal is to make money. They attempt to achieve this goal through any means necessary even if this means compromising their artists' vision and leaving them with a ridicously small percentage. With these considerations in mind Demonatize records was formed with a different idea in mind.

God's Gift Music: an independent label with a unique difference that connects artists to the global music industry. It's all about music business with a huge database of music resources, talent showcase, free Websites and tools to promote your music career

Happy Way Records: Happy Way is an independent record label dedicated to bringing a new culture in the music industry. The ultimate goal is to bring the joy of music back through new music and unique concepts. Happy Way Records is seeking artists to sign in all genres. They offer worldwide distribution, great royalties, artist development, promotion and marketing.

Lance Records: home of "The Lance Monthly," The Knights, and other relevant 60s surf and garage band information

Lolo Records: a miasma of microtonal rock, burning fusion, and post-pubescent pop staining the fabric of mass culture

New Music Label: a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers

Praxis Recordings: an artist management/development company with major label ties and offices in Nashville, TN. Chief among their successes: they helped the Georgia Satellites achieve worldwide success with the smash hit "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"

Wolfwind Publishing: is both a music publishing company and an internet catalog company. We operate as a normal music publishing company and also provide an avenue for songwriters to showcase their songs on the World Wide Web to the music industry. This is a fee based service.