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Songwriter Associations

Baltimore Songwriters Association: developing and promoting songwriting in all genres, providing educational opportunities and serving as a center for the exchange of information between songwriters, publishers and persons involved in music throughout the greater community

Central Carolina Songwriters Association: is designed to support songwriters, lyricists, musicians, and bands in their craft by learning and sharing with each other. CCSA meets monthly for demo/lyric critiques in Raleigh, NC with membership open to all interested individuals in the Triangle area (to ensure you get the most out of your membership).

Chicago Songwriters Collective: providing support and community for for lyricists, musicians and storytellers

Connecticut Songwriters Association: is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to improving the art and craft of original music, combining arts, education and community outreach since 1979.

Country Music Showcase: an educational organization for songwriters, entertainers, musicians, bands and fans. Dedicated to the preservation of acoustical, traditional, old-time, classic, country music, cajun and all of the other 14 art forms of country music

e-lyricZ: publish your lyrics to the site or find a writer to work with. Many categories of original lyrics to choose from

Greater Big Bend Music: presents original music from Florida non-corporate songwriters by permission. Songwriters are poets, humorists, social commentators, ofttimes out-of-step dreamers -- blessed to know the brother and sisterhood of creation.

I Can't Get Published: I Can't Get Published offers valuable information to help you determine the best course for your creation. Explore this site to find real suggestions and ideas for publishing or marketing your book, manuscript or song

Idaho Acoustic Arts Association: our purpose is to promote the art of songwriting and to enrich the cultural experience of Idaho. To this end we will support learning, performance, and listening opportunities for the region's singer-songwriters and their communities.

Kvibe.com - Online Music Community for Independent Music Artists, Bands, and Music Producers: Kvibe.com is a world wide music community for Music Artists, Bands, and Music Producers. Kvibe offers music artists a professional profile, music contests, events calendar, music billboard and more. Music producers can sell their music productions and music listener can vote and track their favorite Artists

LaMusica.com Website dedicated to Latin music and songwriting. Lots of great resources. Make sure to visit!

Lyric Ideas For Songwriters Find new and innovative lyric ideas for your songs. Check out the unique Song Theme Planner and take the lyric challenge. By bookmarking this site, you'll have permanent access to an ever changing source of inspiration for your lyrics

Musician Songwriter Link Corp: website dedicated to the Independent Songwriter. Free on site listings for lyric only songwriters seeking collaborators. Offer your songs as downloads, get paid

Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI): established in 1967, the world's largest not-for-profit songwriters trade organization

The Pacific Songwriters Workshop : professional, non-professional, and aspiring writers meet to critique one anotherís work, based on the artfullness and craft of a song besides its marketability. The song, whether commerce or art, is the thing, and not its performance. Moderated by the internationally acclaimed musician-writer G. F. Mlely. Located in Long Beach, CA

SingerSongwriter.ws: singer and songwriter resources and interaction

The Song Docs: Professional songwriting services offering critiques, contests, publishing & more

Songhenge: a songwriters community with links, information and forums

Songrite.com: copyright registration and information services: Advice, and information on all copyright related issues.

SongwritersConnection.us: our company is located inside the offices of one of the most up and coming publishing companies on Music Row, Runaway Hearts Music. Our catalog is being pitched by top songpluggers every day and the response is incredible

Songwriters Circle of Kansas City: an artists' coop for performing songwriters and their fans. Their website has over 100 ideas for writing songs which they call their monthly song challenges. Their mission is to support original songwriting and songwriters in the greater Kansas City area

Songwriting - Songstuff, For Songwriters And Lyricists: visit the Songstuff Songwriting area today to learn about writing songs and lyrics, read interviews with musicians and songwriters, and browse many songwriting articles and links

Springbarrel Songwriter Services: a group of dedicated professionals based in Nashville's music community. Our focus is assisting Songwriters by presenting their original compositions to Major Recording Companies, Major Independent Recording Companies, Record Producers, Recording Artist Managers and the Recording Artists themselves.

World Wide Songwriter Association: is here to assist and encourage songwriters, both amateur and professional, in all genres of music around the globe.The WWSWA is committed to protecting the rights of the songwriter, lyricist, artists and the music industry.

Writing Fever - The Place for Songwriting Collaboration: the only definitive guide to songwriting collaboration. Containing articles, demos, lyrics, album reviews and a forum for songwriters looking for collaboration.